Sabattis Adventure Camp

ADVENTURE is our Middle Name!

The camp honors Mitchell Sabattis, an Abenaki Indian who was one of the most well-known Adirondack Guides in the mid to late 19th century. Most noteworthy was his boat building ability, and he has been credited by a number of sources as the original designer of the Adirondack Guideboat. This watercraft is uniquely American. It was the “pickup truck" of the Adirondacks 150 years ago, used to support two adults, a dog, camping gear, and a trophy deer or moose. The unique design of this craft is that it is a 16 foot wooden boat, yet it weighs less than 70 pounds to allow for easier transport from one lake to the other.

The property was previously the Great Camp of Charles M. Daniels and his wife. Daniels was an American competition swimmer, eight-time Olympic medalist, and world record-holder in two freestyle swimming events. Daniels was an innovator of the front crawl swimming style, inventing the "American crawl". Daniels and his wife named the property “Sabattis Park” and build an ornate “Big House". The architecture of the house was Elizabethan and it was named “Tarnedge” from the Scottish words meaning “beside the lake”. Those interested in the history of Sabattis Adventure Camp can access it here.