Sabattis Adventure Camp

Your ADVENTURE begins at Sabattis Adventure Camp!

Camp Week at Sabattis: July 8- July 15, 2023


$650 per youth

$200 per adult (first three leaders are free)

The Thomas A. Pepe Adventureship exists to assist members of Patriots' Path in need in paying for camp. To apply online, just fill out an application.

Sabattis ADVENTURE Camp

Sabattis Adventure Camp is a 1,250 acre Scout camp with a 250-acre crystal clear lake located in the heart of the 6 million acre Adirondack Park. Our skilled and enthusiastic camp staff provide a high quality outdoor program, not only on the property but we also make use of the Adirondack Park—the largest public park in the contiguous 48 states. Sabattis Adventure Camp has hosted Boy Scout summer camping for over 60 years. Our program design includes adventure through a variety of activities both in camp and out of camp. While in camp, troops could participate in some merit badge-based programs or design a program of their own. Treks can include hiking, canoe or combination of both. All traditional treks would be available, allowing for more strenuous or more scenic routes. Our main goal is to have our campers return home to remember the FUN that new adventure provided.

Camping as Baden Powell Intended

  • In site meals with your troop equipment gives campers the opportunity to work together and polish their cooking, camping, and leadership skills. At each meal campers pick up their meal ingredients from the commissary. Preparation directions are included.

  • Each large, private campsite includes running water, latrine with a washstand, flag pole, bear proof storage box, and a bulletin board. Patrols are provided with a picnic table, dining fly, patrol box, 3 tubs for dishwashing, and a burn barrel. You provide your own tents, cooking gear and other desired unit and patrol equipment.